About ScreenMom

(c) Maria Jose Reygadas

image (c) Maria Jose Reygadas

ScreenMom is a mother to elementary school-age boy/girl twins and a story analyst at a major motion picture studio, where she has worked in that capacity for more than a decade.  She’s written, sold and had optioned original screenplays, and served as a development executive at a production company based at another major studio. While working as a story analyst for studios, production companies and TV networks in the 1990s, she taught movie development classes at UCLA Extension and AFI’s extension program, and also served as a teaching artist in Los Angeles public schools with Playwright’s Project.  As a kid, she nurtured a love of movie classics at a revival house on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a few blocks from where she grew up.  She continued to feed her passion for great movies in college, where she served as president of her university’s film society.  ScreenMom is a member of Local 700 Story Analysts/Motion Picture Editors Guild and the Writers Guild of America, as well as her local parents of multiples club.

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