Great Adventures: Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

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  On New Year’s Day 2013, three generations of my family walked into an exhibit at a kids’ science museum called “Indiana Jones And The Continue reading

Musicals 101: Singin’ In The Rain

Singin' In The Rain

If you want to introduce kids to musicals, here’s a classic that quite possibly anyone can love, even those who claim they don’t like musicals. Continue reading

Take Them Over The Rainbow

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Yes, the Wicked Witch is scary. Ditto for her Flying Monkeys. And there may be some nightmares after kids see this film. Let them see Continue reading

Bringing Up Movie Lovers With “Bringing Up Baby”

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Back in the 1930s, a sub-genre of American romantic comedy emerged that has come to be known as Screwball Comedy.   Screwball comedies usually involve Continue reading

THE COURT JESTER: The Funniest Movie You May Ever Show Your Kids

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About the time my children learned the word “hilarious,” they saw a movie that made them truly understand its meaning.  I’d plucked it from the Continue reading


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My boy/girl twins were only six when I showed them their first genuine classic made during Hollywood’s golden age, but if their many requests for Continue reading

Bring Us Back To “Do” – THE SOUND OF MUSIC And The Beauty Of Scene Selection

Sound Of Music Do Re Mi

THE SOUND OF MUSIC, 1965’s Oscar winner for Best Picture, is a movie pretty much anyone with a pulse enjoys.  Put it on and even Continue reading

How To Build A Better Animated Family Movie – A Case Study of DESPICABLE ME

Despicable Me - Gru, Girls and Minions

I cannot escape the animated family movie. I’m a parent of two elementary school-age kids, boy/girl twins who live in media-opolis Los Angeles. Movie-goers since Continue reading

How To Build A Better Animated Family Movie – Checklist and Conclusion: Do Other Successful Animated Family Comedies Use These Elements?

The Incredibles

DO OTHER SUCCESSFUL ANIMATED FAMILY COMEDIES USE THESE ELEMENTS? DESPICABLE ME delivers satisfying family entertainment because so many of its script’s elements work so well. Continue reading