Where To Find the Movies

Once you’ve selected a movie recommended by this site, there are lots of places where you can find the good stuff.   There’s DVR, so you can record movies right off the TV to view at your family’s convenience.  There’s Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming or video on demand services, the local rental kiosk, etc.

But don’t forget you’ve probably got access to a wonderfully economical resource that may have a far deeper selection, especially when it comes to movie classics:  your local library.   You’ll find a ton of terrific movies you can borrow for free.

My kids love to browse the video aisles at our library.  We make regular visits to borrow books and movies, and make sure to get some of both each time.   For kids who are less excited about libraries, the promise of getting videos to watch is a great way to get them in the door.

There will be some movies you’ll want to own.  Maintaining a small collection of much-loved movies, particularly if you have more than one child, can be hugely helpful.  It’s especially valuable when you’ve got a sick kid home from school.  When my kids are sick, they take comfort in curling up and watching a movie they’ve already seen and loved.

Aside from obvious sites like Amazon, you can find movies to buy all over the web, and hunt for bargain titles at your grocery store, big box store, or at “Friends of the Library” sales at your local library.

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